“I have been a client of Neuro Physio Berkhamsted for the last three years following a stroke. The service from Amy and her colleagues has been professional, skilful, knowledgeable, reassuring and effective throughout. It has also been friendly, respectful and empathetic. I am not sure what I would have done without Neuro Physio Berkhamsted and look forward to working with Amy and the team in the future.”


“I am just writing to say that over the past 3 – 4 months how pleased I have been with the advice and treatment given by Tom Ward, of Neuro Physio Berkhamsted. He always arrives with a smile on his face and seems to know his technical information in great depth and is constantly thinking “outside the box” in terms of alternative or additional things that could be done to help any given situation. I believe over the weeks his knowledge of Parkinson’s and its symptoms will have also been increased aswell. I believe┬áhe is and will continue to be a great asset to your team.”


“Neuro Physio Berkhamsted has played a vital role in my rehabilitation with balance disorder. I had been experiencing dizziness and was unable to walk or carry out many normal daily functions. I was even unable to go out on my own for fear of falling or appearing inebriated with my stiff awkward movements as I vainly attempted to keep my balance. It was therefore a relief when I was told that I did not need to leave the house to have an appointment with Neuro Physio Berkhamsted, they would always come to see me at home.
Amy came to my house every week and gave me very simple practical exercises that were easy to follow. These exercises helped me to co-ordinate my movements and trained my brain function to compensate for my balance problems. This helped me to gain confidence in my movement and indeed myself once more.
I am now able to go shopping on my own, walk for miles in the countryside and I generally feel a lot more confident and uplifted in myself. Neuro Physio Berkhamsted provides an excellent service that has been invaluable to my rehabilitation, both on a physical and emotional level.”