Neuro Physio Berkhamsted

Neuro Physio Berkhamsted    Neuro Physio Berkhamsted

You can contact us directly by telephone or email to arrange an appointment. You don't have to be referred by your Doctor, but we may contact them for medical information if required.

The initial appointment will involve finding out information about you and your problem, and assessing your physical abilities. This will last for approximately 1 hour. We will aim to give you an indication of the number of follow up appointments we feel that you require, at the end of the initial session.

Follow up appointments will vary in length depending on individual needs. On discharge, we will complete a report detailing your main problems and progress, and provide information regarding future needs. This will be sent to you, your Doctor and other involved professionals as necessary, unless otherwise specified.

We will expect payment by cash or cheque at the end of each treatment session, or payments for a course of treatment can be made in advance.

Please provide us with as much notice as possible if you are unable to make an appointment. You may incur the full cost of the cancelled appointment if less than 24 hours notice is provided.